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Mythic Language

The mythic language that connects us with our own personal depth and allows us to communicate and connect with one another beneath the surface of life is impotent. The mythic language most of us use, regardless of the depth seeking traditional we claim or repudiate, is rooted in a two-story scientific cosmology or world view that is at least 4,000 years old.  This old myth or supporting myth that has delivered us to the current moment is full of Truth but can no longer communicate through the archaic scientific model contained in its mythic language. It cannot communicate with the 13-year-old teenager who is wired in to a digital, quantum scientific world where everything is clearly energy, clearly connected, and clearly One Reality. Professor Campbell's Thoughts: Science is always a working hypothesis in progress which changes from decade to decade. The problem of mythology is to relate that actual found truth (of science) to the living of life. The myth has to deal with the cosmology of today and it is no good when it is based on a cosmology that is out-of-date.  The curriculum of Interior Mythos Journeys is a quest to articulate and explore contemporary mythic language a communication context of depth that is in harmony with the 21st Century, Global, Quantum Scientific, and Universal Reality in which we all actually live.

The Quest

The poetry of a contemporary mythic language is being generated around us every day. This new jargon of depth experience is arriving in our world from areas we might not expect including: athletics, film, astrophysics, science, medicine, depth psychology, economics and essentially the cutting edge of every field of human endeavor. In many exciting new ways humankind is inventing and grasping contemporary language to facilitate our connection with depth. The journey to a relevant contemporary mythic language is long and the forces of resistance are great. Even Joseph Campbell was clear that he did not know when or if a New Myth would arrive. The one value he was certain of regarding a New Myth was that it would be global or planetary in scope. Today we are sharing a Time between the Myths.  In the absence of a shared mythos, the primary depth human endeavor, solitarily and collectively, is the search for a relevant contemporary mythos. The objective of this website and the curriculum of Interior Mythos Journeys is to provide a cyber infrastructure for this vital exploration.  Authentic Life Experience, The Connection - As we solitarily and collectively claim the force of a relevant contemporary mythos, we are delivered to the possibility of life-lived-in-depth and more importantly the possibility of an authentic life.  This is the path beneath the surface. This all begins with the Connection.

The Authentic Life

There is an alternative way to live life. There is an alternative relationship we can choose. There is an alternative understanding, posture, practice, and resulting experience of life lived in the perpetual embrace of Ultimate Reality. In contemporary language we can talk about this enhanced experience of life as life in the flow or authentic life.  This authentic experience of life is a life connected to the Real. The mythical struggle in our moment is no different than that of any other point of the human journey. It is the struggle of choosing a relationship to Reality that is fundamentally ego-centered or fundamentally Mystery-centered; one path leads to illusion and fantasy while the other delivers us to essential Truth. It is this incessant struggle, this journey to balance and harmonize the intersection of time and timelessness, the manifest and the Unmanifest, the visible and the invisible that gives rise to the contemporary Storywarrior. It is within each of our own fundamental relationship to life. It is this transforming power of the struggle of synthesis that leads to an authentic life experience. As Professor Campbell reminds us: I am not searching for the meaning of life; no, no, no. I am searching for the experience of being alive.

Four Questions

The authentic life requires choosing a personal relationship to Reality. A fundamental objective of this website is to promote conversation within four foundational questions:

  1. What is Reality What is Ultimate Reality
  2. What is the Inner Journey to a personal relationship with Reality
  3. How do I live in Flow in harmony with Reality
  4. How do I Serve others and the world from a base of Reality
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