The Twelve Contemplative Principles

The Awesome XX (Unspeakable)

The Contemplative Principles supporting the Posture of Affirming Trust

  • There is nothing to understand
    • Unknowing is my gateway to experience
  • There is nothing to believe
    • Practice is the path to my deliverance
  • There is nothing magic in the world
    • I dwell always in the encounter with Absolute Mystery

The Inner Journey

The Contemplative Principles supporting the Posture of Absolute Attention

  • There is nothing else coming
    • The Contentless One I am seeking is already present, already here, already now, already enough
  • There is nothing out there
    • I dwell in my Quantum Cell where All is One
  • There is nowhere to go
    • There is only here; connecting within, all I seek is in this place

The Flow

The Contemplative Principles supporting the Posture of Universal Gratitude

  • There is nothing to become
    • Authenticity manifests in transparency to my Essential Reality
  • There is nothing to seek
    • There is everything to find as I dwell in the One Presence; I am Whole, I am complete, I am One with All
  • There is nothing by which to be offended
    • I am lifted by all that is Real

The Mission

The Contemplative Principles supporting the Posture of Relaxed Intensity

  • There is nothing to change
    • The Presence of the Changeless transforms all things
  • There is nothing to do
    • I let go and let flow as Creation happens through me
  • There is nothing to consume
    • I am fulfilled in the expenditure of the Light that I am

3 thoughts on “The Twelve Contemplative Principles”

  1. Richard E MacKay says:

    BEING IN THE FLOW – (excerpted from 12 Contemplative Principles)
    There is nothing by which to be offended
    I am lifted by all that is Real

    Recently, I have been hearing, reading different political candidates exposing their views. Of course, I have my own views and favorite candidate. Recently one of the candidates, who I wont name, has been very visceral and emotional as well as verbally abusive to many others. I have felt offended, and thought how can I enter this dialog and make a difference Some have protested recently in Chicago and a few other places and just enflamed people on both sides. There is a temptation to join the reactive voices protesting this man, to join the fracas, but being in the flow coaches me to respond from a higher, deeper place.

    There is great urgency being felt by many who are attending political events this year. I dont believe this urgency is being channeled into constructive ways for the good of all. I must find a more compassionate and constructive voice to respond with. This will make all the difference for me, for others I relate to, and perhaps for the whole country if not the world. I am rethinking my voice and stand in this political arena.

  2. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    Richard, The “Silence” you referenced in the post on “Life Journey #1” and the “compassionate and constructive voice” you seek here, these are always appropriate in every time and place and political arena. We cannot always find the High Road, nor can most politicians, but it is always there if we can, paradoxically, go deep enough to find it.

    1. Richard E MacKay says:

      Thank you for your insightful reply, and I totally agree. The present fracas in Chicago erupted in my Alma Mater University of Illinois, Chicago, UIC. I reacted in anger, but then I thought about the issues and peoples urgency from both sides. I think we can tend to project on external events our own internal wounding and then perhaps misinterpret the other and then act or express counter-productively, but one never knows the best response sometimes, especially when emotions are triggered. Yes, the solution is to go within and find the High Road.

      I think Im seeing the value of silence instead of quickly expressing my own disgust when and where this occurs for me.

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