About Interior Mythos Journeys

The curriculum of Interior Mythos Journeys is a quest to articulate and explore contemporary mythic language a communication context of depth that is in harmony with the 21st Century, Global, Quantum Scientific, and Universal Reality in which we all actually live.

As we solitarily and collectively claim the force of a relevant contemporary mythos, we are delivered to the possibility of life-lived-in-depth, the possibility of authentic life. This is the path beneath the surface.

Joseph Campbell and the Mythos Journey

After spending his lifetime studying the myths, wisdom traditions, stories, cultures, art forms and depth-seeking practices of humanity through the world, Joseph Campbell came to the conclusion that, There is one mythology.

The One Mystery

Professor Campbell understood that the first and primary function of the one myth, in all of its countless manifestations, was and is to connect us individually and collectively with the One Mystery that cannot be expressed in words of thoughts and is beyond human concepts of time and space. It is this encounter with the Mystery of Ultimate Reality that is the transformative element in human experience. It is this encounter that is the experience and the practice of contemplation.

The Transformative Encounter: The Practice of Contemplation

In the current age this transformative encounter, as well as the practices that deliver us to this encounter and the personal connection that flows from this encounter, is seldom the focus of our lives. Many of us wander disoriented through life, often on a self-destructive path, in a world seen, understood, and measured primarily by the external environment. We are disconnected from the One Myth. We are disconnected from the interior depth to which the One Myth might deliver us. Ironically, we have come to understand myth as a lie rather than a symbolic and metaphoric gateway to a deeper truth
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